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The new energy-efficient packaging padding machines

enegieeffiziente Verpackungspolstermaschine

Energy-efficient drive technology thanks to the use of a frequency converter:

♦ high motor torque even at low speeds
♦ high dynamics
♦ high degree of efficiency
♦ low-maintenance
♦ and above all energy efficiency!

30 % energy saving with same output!
All this is possible with the new drives at

cardboard shredders

 cushionpack Packaging Padding Machine / Cardboard Shredders turns small quantities of old cardboard into lots of packging material within a short time




You can get Padding Material or Flat padding mats

reduces costs - ecologically beneficial packaging

operator friendly feeding of cartons with punches measure scale for precise packaging units

NEW circuit-breaker
according to IEC/EN 60204-1

standard dust extraction device built into all Models of the 4 series

Mass_Skala Absaugvorrichtung

New on CP 428 and 430 S2i
speed control
pos I slowly, for stronger cardboards
pos II standard


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CP 422 S2i

CP 428 S2
CP 430 S2

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technical data

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